The Litter Picker Upper

            Ninety-two year old Sara Durkee walked down Riata Road in Bishop, California every day picking up trash.

            She was often seen strolling along with her straw hat, sunglasses, khaki pants and a litter picker-upper.  This was her main source of exercise and something she felt was good to do.  She cared so much about her fellow man that she wanted to make sure we all live in a clean environment.  It was her way of setting an example of how to live by taking care of things at home first and then branching out to the rest of the world.  

            Throughout time people have lived like pigs throwing their trash right out the front door.  It gives the archeologists never-ending studies to do. Even the pioneer families in America threw trash all over their fields around their homes. The children were out there playing with their dolls and marbles right in the middle of it, as the archeological evidence indicates.

            Up until the 1950s, it was common for people in towns across America to dump their trash at one spot called, “The Dump.”  There were also numerous smaller dump piles scattered all around the towns by lazier individuals.  All the other trash was being deposited along the highways and beer and soda pop containers were, and still are, the number one source of litter.

            The amount of refuse in this country is astounding and the glare of broken glass along the freeways must be able to be seen from space.  Too bad nobody has been able to invent a glass magnet to clean all that stuff up. 

            You would think that things would be a little cleaner out in the country, but no.  Besides the millions of tons of broken glass, there are shotgun shells and bullet casings, billions of pieces of skeet target discs, extreme fire pits, a spider web of roads and trails-people destroying our resources with their motorized vehicles and the usual Davy Crockett, shoot ‘em up, axe throwing contest against the poor dying trees that have already been crucified with nails and spikes.

            Things never get better for the land-they always get worse.  Nothing can top the baby diapers left in the parking lot by some soccer mom too upset to leave those smelly poop-pampers in the SUV.

            And let’s not forget all those smokers who throw their butts into every square foot of American soil, ending up in the ocean.  Cigarette butts in this nation must number in the trillions at any given moment since their invention. It is a serious butt invasion and we are under attack!

            Absolutely no image in American life can top the one of a person reaching their hand out the car window with all the fast food containers from five people and letting it all fly in the wind.

            The killer is that as long as people drink and drive, inebriated individuals will always be tossing booze bottles and cans out into the dangerous night.  Lord only knows how many little critters have been knocked out by one of those flying bottles.

            It is ironic that all the old trash dumps in America have been shut down, bulldozed over and replaced by landfills.  Polluters who either don’t want to pay the dump fees or can’t afford them, continue to deposit their TVs, appliances, sofas and cars on the outskirts of towns all across this land.  They become a main source of target practice for kids who are still doing the same thing kids did 50 years ago.

            Should you drive by Sara walking down any road in the United States, be sure to smile, wave Hi and appreciate the contribution she is making to the well-being of our precious nation, planet and the world. 

            Better yet, follow her example. 


2 Responses to “The Litter Picker Upper”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I was beginning to think I was the only one who cares about this. There are a lot of apathetic people in this world, and don’t even get me started on the cigarette butts.

    Thank you Sara!

  2. Mark Says:

    Bravo for Sara…I live in a small N. Calif. town and have my “pick-up” route. I believe that if we keep a section of road clean it sets a good example for potential letterers. Hopefully they will not want to soil a clean area.

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